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Shirley L In an age of being able to find just about anything online in the most clinical way, often without context and no real confidence in its accuracy, Geography Cat's Project Postcard brings together bite-sized facts about diverse and seemingly random subjects (from Hot Springs through Geological Time to GIS in a single day!) and provides links to relevant sites to promote further learning. Alongside this, more detailed, but still interesting and often entertaining blog posts and revision guides encourage everyone, from kittens to older cats like me, to find out more about this precious planet. Thank you, Geography Cat (and, of course, your loyal staff) x 🐱  

Sara L I didn't really like geography at school a few decades ago. If Geography Cat had existed, then I would have been much more engaged. It's a great quirky way of learning without it feeling like a chore. This is a unique project and is great because it’s interactive and we can get involved by sending you postcards and checking back to see if they are on the map. For me the initial draw was because of the cat element - I love cats and if it had been without the cat, I probably wouldn't have been as enthusiastic and spread the word to friends, colleagues and fellow cat lovers, but that was my way in and now that I am in it isn't just about the cats, it’s about the geography (but don’t tell the cat!)  

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