Geography Cat's Mission Statement


Geography Cat’s mission is twofold; firstly he wants people to love geography as much as he does. And secondly, he wants as many students of geography to do as well as they possibly can in their formal exams. He knows that geography is one of the most amazing, complex and sometimes difficult subjects to get your head round, but the rewards of having a better understanding of the world are immense.

Increasing your knowledge and awareness of global geography is a good thing for you; it helps you appreciate your life and your environment. However, knowledge and awareness are also just the beginning; you can use these to help to make the world a better place. Your understanding of other people and places can help you become more compassionate and this can lead to kindness and generosity, which becomes a virtuous circle. Improving your understanding of the environment can help you protect it and live your life more sustainably.

What is a whiskered geographer?

Just like an ordinary cat uses its whiskers to check whether it can fit its body into a tight space, Geography Cat uses his whiskers to measure where and how he fits into the world. Geography Cat is the first whiskered geographer. And when you find the place that you fit you can be a whiskered geographer too. Once whiskered you will find yourself in a constant state of readjustment; keep those whiskers groomed!