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To what extent are immediate responses more effective than long term responses? (Typhoon Haiyan)

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“The effects of climate change are greater on the environment than they are on people”

How far do you agree with this statement?

What does geography cat think?

The difference between DESCRIBE and EXPLAIN, using tropical storms as an example

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How do rivers make waterfalls?

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Coasts - Geography Cat's Guide to Waves

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To what extent does the HOT DESERT environment provide opportunities and challenges for development?

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Discuss the impact of competition and the demands of supermarkets on UK farming

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Assess the impact of deforestation

An answer with some examples

Extreme weather in the UK - Question comparing impacts (Somerset Levels).

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The structure and features of a tropical storm

Causes and formation of tropical storms

Global Atmospheric Circulation

Global distribution of tropical storms

The theory of plate tectonics

Destructive Plate Boundary