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Completely free for you and your students

All Geography Cat resources are completely free for you, your students, parents, and everyone else. Whilst this is a labour of love, it is also very time consuming and expensive for Geography Cat to maintain and expand his bank of resources, therefore please give credit when using.

Written specifically for the GCSE AQA specification

Everything on the Learning Guaranteed Blog is written specifically for the AQA GCSE specification. Blog posts are written with the student readership in mind.

How to use the blog posts

They make good prep homeworks if you want your students to read ahead, or you can use them in class as "model answers" which you can pick apart and assess. You could also set them as a reading homework which the students can be quizzed on next lesson. Or they must show you revision materials they have produced having read an article.

The articles are good, they are written by a very experienced and well qualified teacher, but they are not perfect. Mostly, they are a little too long to be regarded as real model answers, that's because Geography Cat is trying to convey a lot of information in his blog posts. So one good exercise might be to ask your students to select the parts they think they could leave out of an answer. If you do find an error or ambiguity please do let Geography Cat know. Similarly, if you have a request, please get in touch.

Geography Cat's 5 a Day

Geography Cat publishes at least 5 Instagram posts a day between late February and the final exams in summer. The posts are like flash cards and contain content, tips and motivation for your students. They appear throughout the revision season, direct to your students to remind them to do some revision!

Geography Cat's YouTube Clips

Geography Cat's colleagues and students have produced some helpful clips for you - click below

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