Going up to big school


Geography Kitten asked some Year 7 students if they have advice for the Year 6s

And this is what they said:

  • You don't need to be scared, you'll soon make lots of new friends
  • Don't be worried, after a week you'll know where all your lessons are
  • The school really isn't so big, after a couple of weeks you'll feel right at home
  • Don't be scared, be excited!
  • There's no need to be scared of the older children, they're actually quite nice
  • Talk to people and make new friends
  • Everyone feels nervous on the first day, but you will soon get used to it
  • You will get homework but don't worry, you will learn your way around it
  • When I first came to this school I was petrified because I didn't know anyone at all, I was the only person from my primary school, then I met lots of amazing people and they all supported me

Who can help you?


Your friends and you can help each other, the other students will help you too, don't be afraid to ask.

All the teachers, tutors, house staff, everyone at school wants you to feel happy and safe, so if you're worried, frightened or lost please don't keep it to yourself, tell someone how you feel.

Geography Cat knows what it's like to feel a little bit out of his comfort zone but he always puts his best paw forward and holds his tail up high. Secondary school is great and you're going to love it!